You will always be the dream that stayed inside :

You will always be the dream that stayed inside

by Ellen M. DuBois on 11/15/19

So many years, thoughts, dreams have passed since I miscarried. Life has gone on, changes, seasons, loves, career goals. I've accomplished things and there are things I wish to accomplish. I have some regrets, have made both good and bad decisions and have learned and grown. 

There have been unexpected curveballs and twists in life and I've found my feet upon paths I never expected to walk. I've not traveled paths I expected to.

My faith has grown and so has the realization that life is so precious. I always thought so, but more so now. Time does that. Loss does that.

I've learned I could survive the loss of my mother. Something I never, ever wanted to think about. I still don't, but I'm here and it's been over four years. 

And, to this day I remember and love the baby I lost and never got to hold. I still picture what life would be like had he survived. Somewhere in my mind there's an alternate universe where I "see" life, birthdays, Christmases, the firsts of everything with my child. I know it's not real, but it's there, tucked away in a special part of my mind and my heart.

To my sweet baby in Heaven, you will always be the dream that stayed inside.



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