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Fear Vs. Faith- An Excerpt from My Book #repost #faith #miscarriagesupport

by Ellen M. DuBois on 01/16/21

This is an excerpt from my book, "I Never Held You". It's about fear vs. faith. Although written a while ago, I still feel the same today. I hope this brings you some comfort, some help as you navigate through these difficult times. I am so sorry for your loss and you are in my prayers.

"During periods of great loss, it's only natural to question your faith. I did. So many of us wonder how God could 'let this happen'- be it your miscarriage or any other personal or global tragedy. If your faith is being tested right now, as mine was, you may want to read on. People tend to blame God when things go wrong. I know I did-and it was tough for me to admit. I knew better; yet, something inside of me was holding onto the thought that God could have prevented my miscarriage. It was only after a great deal of time passed that I realized there's a reason for everything, even things that hurt deeply. I don't blame God for my miscarriage. I know there were reasons, unknown to me, for it. While I was in my blaming mode, I was full of fear. When I learned to trust in God, my fear was transformed into faith. That doesn't mean the pain went away. It means by having faith instead of fear, the pain of my miscarriage was lessened because I knew my baby was in heaven, and I needed to lean on Him to get through the very tough times and beyond. My fear also led to an inability to relax (and still does when I let it take over faith's place). Fear is natural; it's what you do with it that will determine how well you fare during any time of crisis in your life. Not only times of crisis, but everyday living, too. I wish you more faith than fear."

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My book, I Never Held You, is mentioned in this column. More importantly, it addresses how difficult anniversary dates can be:

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