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Miscarriage: "After 27 years, is this normal?"

by Ellen DuBois on 05/01/17

M Says:

Tomorrow is the 27th anniversary of my miscarriage. While I came to accept the miscarriage because I had two other children who needed me, I always think of the baby I lost on the day I miscarried and the due date. Today while having lunch with my husband,son, DIL and grandchildren, we were discussing the birth of a friend's new baby born yesterday. My two live births resulted in very easy birth experiences (both born within 1 1/2 hours of arrival to hospital. After I made the casual statement "I was lucky, I had easy births", I was quite suddenly filled with memories of my miscarriage and started crying. Surprised and embarassed, I left the table and went to the bathroom to compose myself and not disrupt the mood. We had just come from the circus and all were in a good mood. I might add that today is also the 4th anniversary of my younger son joining the Air Force which is bittersweet. He is doing well but I miss him. My grand-daughter was the only one to notice I was crying and asked her mother why. Obviously, everyone was clueless and they came over to me when I was standing by the car. I told them it was nothing but then broke down crying explaining what was upsetting me. While I often feel bad about the loss, this is the first time I behaved like this. After 27 years, is this normal? I had no idea your site existed. I just googled a question and found your page.

Dear M:

First, let me say how sorry I am for your loss. You may be wondering why I'm saying that all these years later. I'm saying it because in my heart I believe you deserve to hear those words. Perhaps you need to hear them.

I relate to you on many levels. It's been about 26 years for me and I still think about the baby I loved and never got to hold.

I'm no expert, but like you, I lost a baby to miscarriage. I've had triggers just like you did. I've been suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, overcome with emotion over my loss.

There you were talking about the trouble free births of your two babies.You were with your family, your son, your grandchildren. You were enjoying the time, the day and wham. You were hit with memories of your miscarriage in a most unexpected way.

Do I think it's normal? Yes. It is for me. I'm not a doctor nor do I profess to be one. But, I certainly have had feelings bubble to the surface regarding my miscarriage... and the tears followed.

You mentioned your other son is in the Air Force. Doing well, but you miss him. I'd like to thank him and you for his service. I also wish him a safe return home.

Let me say this: I think when you see your other children there may be something deep inside that wonders what the child you lost would have been like. I know it happens to me. Although I don't have children, I have nieces and nephews. Some are grown and some are growing up. There are times, especially "milestones", the anniversary of my miscarriage which happens to be right around now and holidays, when thoughts about my baby and losing him hit hard.

My niece will be 16 this year. I can't believe how time flies. When I think about time flying, I sometimes think about my miscarriage...my baby. I wonder what all those "firsts" and "milestones" would have been like.

Perhaps the same happened to you- out of the blue.

Although the pain is not nearly as raw as it was right after I miscarried, I will always love the little one I never got to watch grow up. I will always feel connected to him. I've come to accept that those times when I'm acutely aware of losing him, of my miscarriage. I'll feel the ache and wonder: Why now? What's going on with me?

Sometimes, I can pinpoint a trigger. Others, I can't. All I can say to you is I believe what you felt was normal because it's normal to me.

I hope some of what I said makes sense. If nothing else, I hope you feel less alone. Believe me, you are not alone.

Wishing you healing and comfort,


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